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ECU Home Flashing Credit
ECU Home Flashing Credit
MSRP Price: $100.00

This purchases one tuning credit. Please reference the table bellow to see how many credits you need to purchase.

Model # of Credits
Sea-Doo Spark
I-Control Sea-doo
Siemens Sea-doo
Stock ECU File
Speed Limiter Removal

***Stock ECU file is included with every tune file purchased. Once you purchase a tune you are welcome to change the tune at any time on that ECU/Vin Number at any time at NO CHARGE****

***Requires a Sea-Doo MPI adapter or the ECU Home Flashing System***
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Power Interface
Power Interface
MSRP Price: $175.00

  • BRP strongly recommends the use of the power interface and power supply cables to stabilize the unit voltage when using BUDS & BUDS2 during software updates.
  • The power interface and power supply cable allows the connection of a fully charged external battery to provide stable voltage to the unit and BUDS / BUDS2. Stable voltage is essential to prevent update crashes  
  • The power interface and power supply cable connected to external battery can be used for extended diagnostic time
  • The power interface with or without the power supply cable will keep the unit powered even if the ignition switch is turned off or the DESS key is removed
  • The power interface has a fuse protected voltmeter included and an extra fuse to protect from polarity inversion of the power supply cable
  • It's neccasery for BRP vehicles without battery (electric starter)
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Torx Tuning Adapter
Torx Tuning Adapter
MSRP Price: $300.00

This Adapter will allow you to flash your watercraft with a Torx Tune. This can also be used in PWC Shops. Adapter/software is compatible with all windows laptops running windows XP or newer. You will also need tuning credits.

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Sea - Doo 325 Speed Limiter Delete
Sea - Doo 325 Speed Limiter Delete
MSRP Price: $349.99

This package fits the 2024 and up 325 platform

This kits includes a Cable, 1 speed limiter delete for a 325. Additional speed limiter deletes are $125.00

Torx Sea-Doo 325 GPS Delete will unleash it all! This speed limiter delete is compatible with all 325 models and trims.

With this modification, you will experience the following:

Increased Top Speed (approximately 80MPH)

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Sea-doo Tuning package
Sea-doo Tuning package
MSRP Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $374.95
Savings: $25.04

This package fits all Sea-doo Watercraft from 2004 and newer

This kits includes a tuning Cable (Capable of buds), 1 Sea-Doo vin license for any Sea-Doo tune.

With our tunes, you will experience the following:

Increased acceleration
Increased top speed
Increased throttle response & less throttle lag
Higher RPM limit

Cable does not have the correct length serial number to use BUDS.

learn more about our flashing system and available tunes here: TorxTuning.com
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