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ECU Home Flashing Credit
ECU Home Flashing Credit
MSRP Price: $100.00

This purchases one tuning credit. Please reference the table bellow to see how many credits you need to purchase.

Model # of Credits
Sea-Doo Spark
I-Control Sea-doo
Siemens Sea-doo
Stock ECU File
Speed Limiter Removal

***Stock ECU file is included with every tune file purchased. Once you purchase a tune you are welcome to change the tune at any time on that ECU/Vin Number at any time at NO CHARGE****

***Requires a Sea-Doo MPI adapter or the ECU Home Flashing System***
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Power Interface
Power Interface
MSRP Price: $175.00

  • BRP strongly recommends the use of the power interface and power supply cables to stabilize the unit voltage when using BUDS & BUDS2 during software updates.
  • The power interface and power supply cable allows the connection of a fully charged external battery to provide stable voltage to the unit and BUDS / BUDS2. Stable voltage is essential to prevent update crashes  
  • The power interface and power supply cable connected to external battery can be used for extended diagnostic time
  • The power interface with or without the power supply cable will keep the unit powered even if the ignition switch is turned off or the DESS key is removed
  • The power interface has a fuse protected voltmeter included and an extra fuse to protect from polarity inversion of the power supply cable
  • It's neccasery for BRP vehicles without battery (electric starter)
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Torx Tuning Adapter
Torx Tuning Adapter
MSRP Price: $300.00

This Adapter will allow you to flash your watercraft with a Torx Tune. This can also be used in PWC Shops. Adapter/software is compatible with all windows laptops running windows XP or newer. You will also need tuning credits.

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Sea-doo Tuning package
Sea-doo Tuning package
MSRP Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $374.95
Savings: $25.04

This package fits all Sea-doo Watercraft from 2004 and newer

This kits includes a tuning Cable (Capable of buds), 1 Sea-Doo vin license for any Sea-Doo tune.

With our tunes, you will experience the following:

Increased acceleration
Increased top speed
Increased throttle response & less throttle lag
Higher RPM limit

Cable does not have the correct length serial number to use BUDS.

learn more about our flashing system and available tunes here: TorxTuning.com
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Sea-doo Tuning Package Switch 100/130/170/230
Sea-doo Tuning Package Switch 100/130/170/230
MSRP Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $549.99
Savings: $50.00

This Kit Contains everything needed to upgrade your Sea-Doo Switch, except a windows laptop, if you do not have one we sell them preconfigured!

The following upgrades are available.

Switch 100 Upgrade to 170 or 200HP
Switch 130 Upgrade to 170 or 200HP
Switch 170 Upgrade to 200HP
Switch 230 Upgrade to 260HP

Windows Requirments:
Internet connection
8gb Memory
Windows 7 or 10
2GB of free space
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